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(Hasil penelitian yang dimuat dalam Jurnal Media Hukum-Vol. 17, No.1, Yogyakarta, Juni 2010, ISSN  0854-8919, Akreditasi No. 43/ DIKTI/Kep/2008)

Oleh: Kushandajani


The main problem in this study was how the social significance of the existence of local autonomy regulation through the Law No. 32 of 2004. The specific question tried to be answered in this study werw whether the Law could preserve the social values rooted from the local culture, could increase the praticipation of the society, and finally could prosper the local society. Law No. 32 of 2004 contains local auhority in the sea area which includes two categories, “to receive provit share” and “to have the authority in the sea area” as far as 4 miles from coast line for the regions which own the sea. Through the delegation of authority in managing the coastal area, it was expected that the regional governance would develop the coastal society to be more prosper. The local government and the coastal society didn’t realize and could’t give an appropriate response to the change design in law. The aplication of local autonomy which regulated terrritorial power division hadn’t yet been meaningful for the coastal society in Semarang City. Society development programs could not increase the participation yet. Meanwhile, economic development hadn’t yet been able to increase the coastal society’s prosperity.’

Kata kunci: local autonomy, the coastal sociaty, prosperity .

Tentang Kushandayani

Lahir di Purwokerto, alumni SMA 2 Purwokerto angkatan 1981. Alumni Fisip Undip 81, bekerja sebagai dosen di almamater sejak 1986.
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