Gender and Village Governance Transformation in Indonesia: An Initial Assessment
Laila Kholid Alfirdaus
Diponegoro University
Diponegoro University
Bulan Prabawani
Diponegoro University
Since the passing of the new Village Law in 2014, scholarly concern for village studies in Indonesia has grown. However, studies focusing on gender equality in the law’s implementation are still uncommon. This article discusses how village governments address gender problems in their territory. Based on field research in two villages in Java, namely Panggungharjo and Lerep, this article recognizes that there has been greater attention on gender issues since the implementation of the Village Law. More women are recruited as members of village government administrations, and village governments also actively involve women in village decision making processes as well as the dissemination of information on policy. Issues related to women have also received greater financial support. However, village heads still dominate village policy making , and though gender issues have gained some support they are still considered secondary among village development priorities. Furthermore, empowerment programs that directly improve gender equality have been lacking. Although maternal and children health and early child education programs are common in villages , little has been done to protect women against domestic violence or defend women (migrant) workers. There is thus a crucial need for the national government to issue regulations that will encourage the stronger assertion of gender equality in village law implementation.
Keywords: Gender Equality, Village Law, Village GovernanceTransformation
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